Environmental Testing Services | Chicago Area

Our Environmental Consulting firm specializing in environmental compliance, testing, safety, and industrial hygiene. Have a building project? We can help.

Hazardous Materials

Our hazmat consulting services address potential health threats found within and around commercial and industrial properties. We partner with public and private sector clients to work towards the reduction of hazards such as chemical exposure and hazardous material handling.

Mold Remediation

Environmental Assessments

Environmental assessments are often required for successful construction projects as well as safe workplace operations. MEC is an industry leader in environmental assessments throughout the United States. Our environmental consultants specialize in comprehensive environmental investigations for both indoor and outdoor sites.

Environmental Compliant Facility

Industrial Hygiene and Compliance

By investigating the workplace for potential dangers, we can eliminate safety hazards and lessen exposure to chemicals, noise, vapors, contaminants, and other hazardous materials. Our qualified staff can pinpoint how your company can improve the link between management and safety culture, as well as minimize liability.

Building Inspections

Identify conditions that may have a significant detrimental impact on its continued operation or create an ongoing issue. These conditions include the presence of hazardous and regulated materials, as well as system defects. That way, dangerous situations can be remediated before contamination or injury.

Environmental Compliance Engineering

Program Development

By creating a formalized safety program, opportunities for inconsistency and misinterpretation are significantly reduced. Through safety audits and environmental training programs, your facility can achieve a comprehensive program that is easily understood and followed. That way, all employees can be on board.


We have a multidisciplinary team of environmental professionals who are well-versed in federal, state, and local regulatory permitting programs. Our team can manage the environmental documentation process for project owners, reducing overall risk, avoiding violations and fines, and lessening the environmental impact.

After meeting with the client representative and discussing the scope of work and all alternatives, MEC will visit the project site to do any additional investigations in determining the quantities of materials to be dealt with and to work out any special requirements for the project. In addition to scope development, MEC realizes that many of our clients have operations running 24-hours a day. We work to design projects to be as accommodating as possible.