Accurate lead testing to identify potential hazards and develop mitigation strategies.


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Non-HUD Lead Paint Testing & Inspections
HUD Lead Surveys
Lead Paint Chip Testing
Lead in Soil Testing
Lead Abatement Project Design & Contractor Bidding
Lead Abatement Project Management & Air Quality Testing

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Our comprehensive Lead Service Portfolio is backed by the expertise of Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH) Licensed Lead Inspectors and Lead Risk Assessors. We specialize in Non-HUD Lead Paint Testing & Inspections, utilizing advanced XRF Analyzer technology for precise assessments. Our HUD Lead Surveys, conducted by licensed professionals, ensure compliance with regulations for properties under HUD jurisdiction. With Lead Paint Chip Testing, we delve into the composition of painted surfaces, providing valuable insights into potential lead hazards. Our Lead in Soil Testing evaluates soil for lead contamination, offering a thorough understanding of environmental safety. For effective lead abatement, trust our experts for Lead Abatement Project Design & Contractor Bidding services. We seamlessly manage Lead Abatement Projects, incorporating Air Quality Testing to ensure a safe and thorough removal process. Choose Midwest Environmental Consulting Services, Inc. for trusted lead services conducted with precision and expertise. Safeguard your property and occupants with our licensed professionals and cutting-edge technology.

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