For Release on  July 6, 2021                                                                                                                       

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*All US schools from k-12 are required to have 6 months & 3-year reinspection*

Midwest Environmental Consulting Services offers a few reminders for the AHERA survey:


  1. Take photos of every sample.
  2. Mark up the drawings with the locations of every material.
  3. Quantify every material.
  4. Look under every single carpet in every room that has one.
  5. Treat each date of construction as its own separate area. Sample each material in each date of construction separately, even if they look the same as materials in other parts of the building.
  6. Put the vinyl floor tiles on one chain of custody, everything else on another. On the floor tile COC, in the Comments section, write “Analyze floor tiles by TEM, and mastics by PLM.”
  7. Sample window and door caulking, if present. Both interior and exterior.
  8. Mark each sample location on the drawings.
  9. Pop ceiling tiles in representative locations, try to find any TSI.
  10. If not practical to sample, you can assume ceramic floor tiles and wall tiles. But you still need to give them an ID, take photos of them, qualify them, and mark them on the drawings.
  11. Take a look at chalkboards, try to tell if they are Transite or not. If it’s possible they are, assume them, because we don’t want to break them to sample.
  12. As always, try to collect samples discreetly.
  13. Be as thorough as possible, try not to miss anything.

From AHERA surveys, asbestos testing, project management, & abatement – Our MEC team has seen it all in our 26 years of helping schools just like yours. Our team of experienced professionals is here to provide solutions & ensure your schools remain compliant with EPA, state, federal, & local regulations. We send all our samples to a 3rd party laboratory to avoid conflict of interest.