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Testing for lead is not difficult, however figuring out where lead may be present can be. Whether it is found in layers of paint, water and soil samples, or in test surfaces on the inside or outside of buildings that are considered for renovation, lead is common just about everywhere. Fortunately our experience in this area means we can save you both time and money in finding lead and taking care of it quickly wherever it is found.

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Lead Services

Inspection (Non-HUD, HUD, Paint Chip)
Lead Design
Lead Exposure Monitoring
Lead Management
Lead OSHA Monitoring
Lead Water Sampling
Lead Wipe Samples
Risk Assessment

The Dangers of Lead


In 1978, lead-based paint was banned in the US due to its toxicity to humans. Prior to 1978, facilities were commonly painted with lead-based paint because of it’s excellent color, durability, and quick drying time. Unfortunately, ingestion of leaded paint chips, flaking paint, or high levels of lead in workplace dust are leading causes of lead poisoning in the United States. As a result, it is necessary for facilities to identify the presence of lead prior to renovation or demolition.

Exposure to lead can cause damage to the brain and other vital organs and can also cause behavioral problems, learning disabilities, seizures, and in some extreme cases, death. Lead in your home can be a contributing factor to many of these illnesses. Comprehensive lead inspections are especially crucial for public health in child-occupied facilities such as schools, as children can experience lead poisoning without showing any apparent symptoms.

Following an assessment of the area, lead test kits and other test measures can help us determine the potential presence of lead in particular materials as well as the amount of lead in a given area resulting from workplace or other activities.

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