Voluntary EHS Audits

Environmental Health and Safety Audits

Environmental health and safety audits are a natural part of any organization. An EHS audit is an objective tool to assess regulatory compliance within the workplace. Mandatory inspections are enforced through local or federal agencies. However, voluntary EHS audits are often used as an educational tool to provide valuable information on the effectiveness of management systems and present opportunities for cost reduction.

Midwest Environmental Consulting Services (MEC) conducts voluntary EHS audits for facilities throughout the U.S., both for compliance and acquisition purposes. MEC’s team members are experts in interpreting and evaluating federal and local regulatory agency laws and regulations. Through our extensive EHS auditing experience, we have developed a unique perspective as a third-party auditor.

Over the past two decades, we have performed hundreds of comprehensive EHS audits, which has earned us a reputation for excellence in auditing service. Findings from EHS audits can be used to strengthen the environmental and safety of your company.

With an in-depth look into a facility’s operations, MEC can locate and remedy potential safety issues before they become a problem. By understanding the hazards and scenarios that could create safety issues, you will better able to provide a safe work environment continually. Employees can continue working knowing their environment is secure and up to regulatory standards.

  • Identify what regulations apply to the facility

  • Identify and correct compliance issues

  • Determine if corporate policies and procedures are followed

  • Determine whether workers are adhering to environmental and workplace safety requirements

  • Increase awareness of environmental and safety regulations

  • Assess systems currently in place to ensure compliance

  • Demonstrate the facility’s commitment to compliance

  • Identify ways to improve efficiency

MEC’s audit findings cover regulatory matters as well as compliance with internal company policies and procedures. Our reports provide recommendations for corrective action, including identifying best management practices and program areas needing improvement.