Midwest Environmental Consulting Services (MEC) is an industry leader in environmental assessments throughout the United States. Our environmental consultants specialize in comprehensive environmental investigations for both indoor and outdoor sites.

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Indoor Air Quality Testing

MEC will perform in-depth testing that leads to an effective resolution of air quality issues. Once we have completed our indoor air quality testing, we will prepare a customized plan based on the findings within your facility.

Water Testing

Water testing is necessary to evaluate your property’s water quality and establish an appropriate solution to manage any contaminants. MEC will bring your property to comply with the regulations set by the EPA and health organizations.

CCDD Soil Testing

CCDD facilities must obtain certification from a licensed Professional Engineer (P.E.) that the soil is uncontaminated. MEC will complete all required analysis to confirm the soil is not contaminated.

Phase I Environmental Assessments

This assessment is conducted to determine if any situations can be identified as a Recognized Environmental Condition (REC). This is the presence or likely presence of hazardous substances in, on, or at the property

Phase II Environmental Site Assessments

With a Phase II ESA, MEC obtains scientifically valid data concerning actual property conditions, and whether or not such data relate to conditions previous identified as recognized in the Phase I ESA.

Phase III Environmental Site Assessments

MEC uncovers a full scope of remediation options for the parties involved. We consider our clients’ goals, cost, timelines, and applicable limitations while determining the most appropriate strategy for remediation.

Underground Storage Tanks

MEC provides inspection for underground storage tanks (USTs) to ensure compliance with federal and state regulations. USTs should be constructed, maintained, and operated in a way that regulated substances are stored safely.