EHS Permitting

Environmental, Health, and Safety Permits

Federal, state, and local regulations require careful a balance between human activity and environmental protection. Obtaining an environmental permit is a critical element for the success of every project. EHS permits give clear instructions on how the environment must be protected during activities that may pose a threat to environmental and natural resources. Obtaining these permits present a complex mix of federal and state environmental regulations from multiple agencies.

Midwest Environmental Consulting Services (MEC) offers a cost-effective way to navigate the EHS permitting process. Our team brings cohesion to EHS regulation by expediting the environmental permitting process. We have a multidisciplinary team of environmental professionals who are well-versed in federal, state, and local regulatory permitting programs. Our team can manage the environmental documentation process for project owners, reducing overall risk, avoiding violations and fines, and lessening the environmental impact.

Our permitting experts review your goals and objectives, determine environmental compliance requirements and risks, and devise a plan to minimize environmental impacts. We objectively evaluate project options and identify strategies to meet your goals. This proactive approach, along with our in-depth understanding of regulations and local ordinances, leads to successful permit strategies for even the most complex projects.

Air Permitting

Facilities that have the potential to emit any regulated pollutant in amounts higher than specific thresholds must obtain an air permit. This operating permit contains information on all sources of air pollution at that facility such as which pollutants are being released, how much may be released, and what steps the source’s operator is taking to reduce pollution.

Water Permitting

To prevent water quality degradation, the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) requires facilities producing wastewater to acquire a permit. All facilities which discharge pollutants into water are required to obtain this permit without exception.