Pre-Renovation Building Inspection

With over two decades of experience, Midwest Environmental Consulting Services, Inc. (MEC) is widely recognized as the most consistent provider of pre-renovation building inspections. Before any renovation services ensue, it is necessary to assess the physical condition of the property, including the structure and its associated site.

We aim to reduce the financial risk and liability of our clients. We help organizations save money by finding significant building deficiencies before renovation. We achieve this by evaluating the condition and adequacy of the site, identifying immediate repairs and deferred maintenance issues. Pre-renovation building inspections include a review of regulatory code compliance completed by our highly experienced team of engineers.

Upon completion of the pre-renovation building inspection, MEC will provide a Property Condition Report (PCR) outlining the property components along with deficiencies observed. MEC then compiles a list of immediate repairs such as building code violations, fire code violations, safety concerns, and deterioration to the building caused by deferred maintenance.

Our report also includes professional recommendations regarding the regulatory compliance of major structural components. That way, building owners and property managers can develop an understanding of the site’s condition and can make better-informed decisions for renovation. This report is based on structural information you can rely on to manage risk, optimize your renovation investment, and negotiate a fair renovation price with bidders.

Our pre-renovation surveys are designed to meet the National Emission Standards for Hazardous Pollutants and state requirements that must be completed before the demolition or renovation of any commercial or public building.

A pre-renovation
inspection determines:

  • Building code violations

  • Relevant building systems evaluations

  • The presence of improper maintenance or worn systems

  • Other information needed to make decisions about the types of bids to seek

Using a pre-renovation building inspection to prepare a detailed request for bids reduces misinterpretation and differences of opinion about the scope of your renovation project.

All samples are examined by a licensed analyst from an independent third-party laboratory which is accredited by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and takes part in the National Voluntary Laboratory Accreditation Program (NVLAP).