Church or Government Building Need Environmental Testing?

If your church or government building needs environmental testing, we can help you discreetly so you can continue on with your work. Learn how we can help.

Building Inspections (Limited Asbestos and Lead Sampling)
Pre-Renovation Hazardous Material Survey (Asbestos, Heavy Metals, Lead & Mercury)
Pre Demolition Hazardous Material Survey (Asbestos, Heavy Metals, Lead & Mercury)
Abatement Analysis
Project Design & Bidding
Bidding Services
Project Management & Air Monitoring
Contract Management
Indoor Air Quality Testing
Mold – Testing, Assessment, Remediation Planning
OSHA Compliance Monitoring
Air Exchange Measurement
Operation & Maintenance Program Development
HVAC Design Assistance and Evaluations
Conformance with American Society of Heating, Refrigeration and Air
Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) and USGBC Guidelines for acceptable indoor air quality

Related Services

Asbestos Consulting

Limited asbestos sampling for minor renovations and comprehensive building inspections for demolition and significant renovation projects

Mold Consulting

Identifying affected areas, assessing mold related contaminants, as well as characterizing potential exposures and occupation risks

Indoor Air Quality Testing

In-depth testing that leads to an effective resolution of air quality issues, resulting in a customized plan based on the findings within your facility

Lead Consulting

Interior and exterior inspections to identify the presence of lead-based paint and associated hazards in the dust, water, and soil

Medical Gas Testing

Rigorous medical gas quality control procedures that ensure your piped medical gas systems and their components are safe and reliable