Midwest Environmental Consulting Services, Inc. (MEC) offers turnkey environmental hygiene solutions to our diverse industrial client base. Our risk management professionals aid in the compliance and safety program development for environments such as quarries, foundries, and manufacturing plants. MEC’s goal is to help manage industrial clients’ liabilities and reduce overall costs.

As a leader in environmental engineering, we understand the operational challenges that these industrial facilities face. By keeping up with the latest technology, we make our clients’ operations flow efficiently and seamlessly. Because we have over two decades of experience working with industrial clients, we can maximize the potential of their facilities and investments.

General Contracting

MEC helps mitigate risk by providing comprehensive environmental, health, and safety solutions to general contractors.

Commercial Buildings

We provide customized services every step of the way to ensure our clients get their business up and running.

Industrial Buildings

Our team helps mitigate risk by providing environmental consulting and safety solutions at industrial sites.

Manufacturing Plants

We provide a full range of services that span from contamination remediation to employee safety and compliance issues.

Related Services

Silica Consulting

Sampling and analysis to ensure your company complies with guidelines set forth by the Occupation Safety and Health Administration

Indoor Air Quality Testing

In-depth testing that leads to an effective resolution of air quality issues, resulting in a customized plan based on the findings within your facility

Exposure Monitoring

Determining the severity of potential exposures and help implement effective employee protection strategies

Radon Consulting

Detecting radioactive radon, a colorless and odorless gas, to prevent prolonged exposure and to decrease the probability of lung cancer

Environmental Health and Safety Audits

Understanding the hazards and scenarios that could create safety issues to provide a safer work environment

Environmental Training Programs

Strategies for identifying and managing environmental liabilities, as well as maintain compliance with environmental regulatory requirements